This website is designed for customers seeking general contractors to perform construction work and related services. All general contractors referred are independent contractors and not affiliated with General Contractor Connecticut other than to have an agreement with General Contractor Connecticut to provide a commission for the any services that are performed by the general contractors to Customers. All payments for the contractor’s services are to be negotiated with and paid directly to the contractors.

By using this website, the user authorizes, acknowledges and agrees that General Contractor Connecticut is not a company that provides general contracting services but instead utilizes a referral network of service providers that are independent contractors to identify general contractors that may provide general contracting services and perform the work. General Contractor Connecticut does not guarantee or make any representations or warranties (and explicitly disclaims any such warranties and representations) about the qualifications, capabilities, licensing, materials, equipment or services of any contractor that it refers customers to on this website or that any general contractor will be able to perform any services for any customer. Customer assumes the risk and accepts the responsibility of making the decision of whether to engage the services of the general contractor, which should only be made after a thorough investigation of the general contractor (including the appropriate background check) is performed by Customer.